About Me

I have been taking images of the UK since 2007, when I got my first Digital SLR camera - A Canon EOS 400D and 18-55mm Lens kit.

I quite quickly realised that I really liked going out at sunset to take colourful images of my local area - The Wirral Peninsular, and further afield. I started playing around with different processing styles and ended up trying my hand at HDR - the art of taking multiple exposures, and merging them in my processing workflow to make a more balanced and sometimes surreal end image.

From seeing other peoples landscape images, I knew I needed a more specialised super wide angle lens and never looked back from purchasing a Sigma 10-20mm lens.

These days (2011 to present) I don't do much post processing and tend to stick to a set of processes and which give me the results I want from my camera and now use a Canon EOS 60D still with a trusty Sigma 10-20mm lens and Cokin graduated filters. I intend to stay with this setup for some time.

As you will see from my images, I like bold foregrounds and patterns, which has come from being inspired and coached by a certain few people (they know who they are) in the early days and nowadays especially like mountains and lakes which I intend to explore further in the near future.

If you would like to see my personal favourites gallery, please take a look here